Black Swan

Title Sequence

Special Thanks
Professor Ming Tai
Teacher Assistant Tiffany Shen

“Black Swan” is a film about a ballerina Nina Sayers, who is dedicated to ballet, but lacks confidence. She is pressed on by her domineering mother, a former ballerina whose career was cut short because of her pregnancy. Nina achieves her goal when she wins the role of Swan Queen, but she struggles to maintain the image of the Black Swan. The role requires Nina to reveal her dark passion, which has been hidden within herself due to her mother’s suffocating control. At the end of the film, Nina breaks the cage of her captive desires and becomes free.

This main title is to capture Nina’s awakening as the Black Swan by exploring the act of releasing her inner emotion. My idea was inspired by the grapefruit Nina’s mother prepares for her every morning. The grapefruit represents Nina, with the peel symbolizing her mom’s oppression of Nina’s true nature. The knife acts as the outside force that cuts Nina apart to reveal her dark passion.