Martial Art History Museum

Identity System


Special Thanks
Professor Jason Yeh

Martial Arts History Museum is a non-profit organization located in Burbank, CA. It was designed as an Asian educational, cultural, and artistic experience, using martial arts as a medium through which Asian and Asian American culture is reflected in American history. The museum also provides a space for education and practice.

For this rebranding, I want to bring the museum to attention of more diverse communities who can be connected by their interest in martial arts and martial arts elements in action films. I especially want to capitalize on the “art” aspect of martial arts that is largely overlooked by the general public. 

Logo Exploration

The logo development focus on the concept of softness and strength in different types of martial arts.

Final Logo

Logo Animation

Brand Color

I chose these colors to showcase the more tranquil side of martial arts that is often overshadowed by more energetic displays through colors such as red and yellow.

Identity Collateral Mockups

Identity Poster

Content Poster

Content Poster

Exhibition Catalogue

Casual Sport Apparels

This merchandise series emulate sportswear and can function as a form of advertisement for the museum. 



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