Identity System

Special Thanks
Professor Elaine Alderette
Teacher Assistant Quinta Yu

Zuni is a cultural group based in Hong Kong committed to encouraging and creating cross-media and cross-regional co-operation on experimental theatre works as well as promoting arts. Active in video, sound experimentation, and installation art, Zuni reinvents traditional and merges various cultures into their performances.

Zuni closes the gap between art and society by presenting the audience a dimensional performance with involves innovative technologies. For this rebrand, I want to capitalize on the depth and dimension reflected in Zuni’s style. I aim to reinvent the brand language by making performances more accessible online to attracts a younger, more culturally diverse audience.


Logo Exploration

The logo development focus on the concept of Zuni as a bridge between art and society. Also inspired by the founder Danny Yung's quote about framework, "I believe that any performing art has an overall established basic framework."

Final Logo

Poster Series 01

This series focuses on capturing the four key essence for Zuni’s work, Light Space Time and Sound.

Poster Series 02

This series would be used to promote collaboration with more renowned artists from various genres to increase the diversity of target audiences.

Poster Series 03

This series showcase the remarkable past theatre work.

Schedule Poster

Digital Mock Up

Outdoor Collateral